Bloody Headlines

Bloody Monday: Over 71,400 jobs lost
Seven companies announce massive job cuts in a scary start to the week.

This was the headline today for Makes you want to jump right out of bed and start your day with a smile. But hey, I had almost as much pleasure sipping my cup of tea on Saturday while reading the LA Times.

Here are a few of the headlines from this weekend’s Los Angeles Times Business section:

  • California shuts 1st Centennial Bank
  • General Electric profit drops
  • Quarterly results keep stocks low
  • Xerox net income drops on charges
  • WaMu owes big tax bill, IRS says
  • Freddie Mac wants more aid
  • Harley stung by sales slump
  • Centex plans write down
  • Too much failure, too fast

….and these were just pages 2 and 3 of the Business section.

So, we might ask, in these particularly dark times, how does one cope with all the negativity, bad news, dismal forecasts? I believe the key is in resilience; resilience to not let the gloomy – or bloody – headlines get you down. For those of us in the consulting services field, just knowing that a few other consultants have work is encouraging. Make sure to make a point of connecting with others and keep the networks open, if for nothing else, in order to pass along a few encouraging words and good wishes to others. We may remain hopeful that work is just around the corner, but in the meantime, keep that camaraderie and the friendships active with those who are important to your mental health and positive outlook.

And don’t forget to look for those tiny headlines, like the one in the lower bottom corner of said newspaper, page 3: “Aretha’s Hat” – “Thousands of orders are pouring in to Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit, which made the gray bow-topped hat worn by Aretha Franklin at Tuesday’s inauguration.” Hat’s off to you, Mr. Song Millinery (no pun intended).

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