Rule Number 6

Remember my first blog? Well, I promised I would tell you more about Rule Number 6. Recall, it is from the book:

  • The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander (2000).

Rule Number 6:

“Don’t take yourself so [darn] seriously.” If you can pull this off successfully, this may cause you to make a minor—or a major—transformation. In other words, lighten up, as the Zanders so eloquently tell us.

The Zanders remind us, “When one person peels away layers of opinion, entitlement, pride, and inflated self-description, others instantly feel the connection. As one person has the grace to practice the secret of Rule Number 6, others often follow.” (p. 89).

And so, one might ask, what are the other rules? Quite simply, “There aren’t any.”

So whether you’re the consultant, the client, the academic, or the student, and you feel yourself getting quite worked up over an issue, problem, or wrongdoing, remember to practice Rule Number 6, and you will literally feel the stress melting away. Promise.

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