Rigors of Reciprocity

From the academic journal, Qualitative Inquiry, comes a wonderful article written by Jane Harrison, Lesley MacGibbon, and Missy Morton (2001) titled, Regimes of Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research: The Rigors of Reciprocity. From the abstract, “the authors problematize the relationship between trustworthiness and reciprocity in relation to the researcher, the research process, and the write-up.” The trustworthiness that they refer to is the way in which one works to meet the academic rigor to ensure research findings/conclusions are valid, credible and believable. As with many feminist researchers, we are drawn to topic areas where relationships and reciprocity are critical; we do not wish to dehumanize the subject, yet we must draw the line to separate our researcher selves from our personal, relational selves. After the research has been long published, one hopes it can be said we have maintained our connections and relationships with our participants. As generous as they were to allow us to become their voices, we honor them and their stories.

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