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Unlimited Ambition = Unlikely to succeed + skepticism

The story of Elon Musk and his wildly successful Tesla and SpaceX endeavors is one of the more inspirational stories for all to know. Watch this terrific 60 Minutes video. Elon Musk on recent 60 Minutes

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Organizational Change Management, In Plain English

…and this just about says it all for Organizational Change Management!

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New Perspective on Motivation

Wonderful new way to think about motivation. Makes a great deal of sense.

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45% of Students Don’t Learn Much in College

According to recent study. See
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Did You Know?

Karl Fisch created this “Did You Know” video (also known as “Shift Happens”) in 2007, and it has reached millions of viewers. This video is sure to shift your mindset and understanding of the world at large. After viewing, stop … Continue reading

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